New face in the Chair!

Following the AGM the band now sees new faces in the committee. Alongside this sees the first female chairperson of the band. Anne-Marie Simpson, a member of the band for some 20 years was voted in as the new chairperson of the band. A first for a female in the bands’ 67 year history. Robert Coyle was nominated and accepted as secretary of the band, Tommy Barr as Treasurer and Danny Simpson the band President. The committee are working hard to ensure a busy and successful year ahead.

Fair Day Fun

The band are currently preparing for the Fair Day in Strabane on June 8th. This will see the band perform a programme in the town centre. Following this the focus will be on the ONE Memorial service on June 30th and then the Walled City Tattoo in August. It’s full steam ahead for now!

Old Photo of the Band

Here is an old photo of the band taken from a local website. Not sure of date, but a few current players are in the picture and it would seem to have been captured along Lifford.

20130528-084320 AM.jpg