St. Joe’s go Golfing!!

Sunday 11th October saw members of St. Joseph’s take to Hill Valley Golf Centre, Sion Mills for a day out. The day promised some entertainment and some laughs and both were provided. Two non-members even turned up for the fun of it all. The day started brightly with all 14 members on the practice green for some rules and regulations. There was a prize kitty set up and even some wagers set between sections of the band. The weather conditions were testing for any experienced golfer, never mind any amateur!


Off they trod however and it was the first group who took some 15 minutes for four players to simply tee off. It was at this point that we decided it appropriate for the players to stagger the starting positions so that everyone could get moving and get the blood circulating. The laughs began for one group as they began their day from the 4th hole. Picturesque scenery was all that was in front, with a driving range to the right and this proved attractive for one member as he proceeded to lose two balls in here before decided to drop a shot down the hill. It was on this very hill that one member even decided to slide down via his derrière!

But onwards they trod through thick and blustery conditions before the weather eventually settled and the sun made an impromptu appearance. Things were going great as the putts rolled in and the occasional par and even a birdie was spotted close by. The one main piece of eventfulness came on the illustrious 13th hole. The steep downward decline led to one unfortunate member requiring a trip to A & E and a cast on a badly broken wrist. However, the show (or rather competition) must go on and that’s what happened. 12 players continued their quest for the illustrious and coveted “St. Joseph’s Brass Band Golf Trophy” and the final scores proved that there was some competition involved. There were some 39 shots difference between first and last place and even 7 points between first and second.

The winner on the day happened to be none other than Tommy Barr Jr, a non-band member, who came up and literally stole the prize! Second place went to Mark Rouse after some great shots throughout. The bass section wager went to Rob Coyle after Noel Barr took fear and relinquished his opposition. For the sake of the players I was going to keep scores from public view but that’s no fun so as follows:

1. 73 – Tommy Barr Jr.

2. 80 – Mark Rouse

3. 91 – Rob Coyle

4. 94 – Adam Barr

5. 96 – Noel Barr Jr & Oran McGranaghan

7. 98 – Jason Barr

8. 99 – Darren Barr & Noel Barr Sr.

10. 106 – Ciaran Simpson

11. 110 – Eugene McDaid

12. 112 – Amanda McGinley