The long haul to start back…

St. Joseph’s are to start back on Sunday week following the summer holidays. This will see the band begin preparations for the weekend in Dublin and Glenties plus try and get the routine stuck into everyone’s head until Christmas at least! The band had a solid 6 week break so Sunday 16th August seems destined to be a morning or valve oil for the majority of members.

Anyone wishing to come along to see the band, or think about joining, can call to the band hall on the Derry Road any Sunday morning from 11am – 1pm or Wednesday night from 7:30pm – 9:30pm from the 16th August.

Alley Theatre

Big band concert in the Alley Theatre, Strabane.

Weekend in Glenties!

After tasting some of the local beer the bands will all travel up to Glenties for the remainder of the weekend before the school term starts back.

Guinness Brewery

St. Joseph’s, Bready Pipe Band and a collection of Glenties own will travel to the Guinness Brewery for some playing and, possibly, some tasting!!