More Exam Success!!

Warm congratulations to all of our members who have been successful with their school exams over the past few weeks. All their effort and hard work has finally paid off as they prepare to embark on new chapters of their lives.

For two more of our members it means moving on to a new challenge as they begin their University life. Now, for all who think “Student life is easy” I beg to differ and wish them well, for I have just finished my student life at university and it really is not as easy as it looks! Ciaran Barr and Christina McBeth, good luck and we wish you all the best!!

Special mention is to Declan McElroy (Deck Pecks) as he has returned from the United States, albeit briefly, before packing up and moving to Bonnie Scotland to commence studies in Law. Declan finished his A-Level studies last year but was successful in attaining a scholarship place to study at a High School in Philadelphia and therefore postponed his moving away. Now the time has come and we wish him good luck!

For a few others it was the end of an era too as they disembark from their compulsory spell at school and take on the pursuit of happiness. Stephanie Gallagher, Aoife McBeth, Amanda McGinley, Adam Barr and Connor Loughrey have successfully completed their GCSE’s and now move on to the task of choosing the subjects they wish to study in more depth. It is onwards and upwards from here guys and I hope you make the right decisions for yourself.

Source: Mark Rouse